Welcome to Soultriibe

Escapism & fun with your Triibe - 1-week free trial, cancel anytime.

Why Soultriibe?

Firstly, we have two ii's in Soultriibe as both of our eyes are wide open to the world!

We bring together those who see beyond the surface, providing a platform for the likeminded & awakened to connect and have a ton of fun along the way. Celebrating the power of critical thinking in a non topical & positive space that is our wonderful community. 

We don't give into the fear & we offer much needed escapism with high vibe fun.  We started on Facebook during lockdown when we made alternative choices to what the TV was telling us to do.  We have an incredible CommUnity of over 10.5k members.  However we are restricted there, and now that we've found each other, we don't want to lose you.  We don't know how long our group will last and our posts have limited visibility, here we can grow our Triibe in our beautiful new, non-topical shiny space! It's time for us to get bigger and better, which means even more connections.

We've helped create so many friendships, we found our own Triibe in Soultriibe too! Friends forever that have become family. There has also been weddings and even a Soultriibe baby!

When asking our members how to describe our group recently, we were told that Soultriibe is a place for belonging, sanity, fun and feels like home! We couldn't agree more.

We know there's a ton of groups on social media that have been created especially for us, we also know that it's tricky trying to remember what they're all called. We have spaces here that are especially for the topics that you LOVE chatting about, all in one convenient, positive, kind and fun space.

Together we are powerful!!  

The Results You'll Get

Our community is pretty special. We’re focused on the ways it will make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as valued friend of Soultriibe:

  • Connect with likeminded individuals, making lifelong friends who share your awakened perspective.
  • Attend more events that can now be bigger, more often and even more varied.
  • Experience escapism & fun with high vibe conversations, taking a break from the outside world. We have created spaces for the conversations that we know really matter to you.

When You Join Today

When you join Soultriibe today, you’ll get to

🌟 Discover the Magic of Connection, Creativity, and Community

About Us: Join our vibrant SoulTriibe where connection meets creativity, and friendships flourish. Embrace a sanctuary of positivity, escape, and high-vibe energy.

Membership Perks:

  • Exclusive Spaces:  Created just for you to connect & more... We're already on the same page! We see the world for what it is & have our eyes wide open. Some say we wear Tin Foil hats, we prefer critical thinkers!  If your eyes are open to what's really going on in the world, we would LOVE to welcome you here.
  • Non-Topical space offering much needed escapism for friendship, events, spirituality, manifestation, health & more...
  • Special Events: Real life connections are so important, we create events just for you.  You will feel like you have known each other forever, as you have great foundations for an incredible friendship.
  • Skill Swapping: Exchange talents and grow together.
  • Collaborative Creativity: From music & more, find kindred spirits.
  • Foraging Adventures & Off Grid Chats: Explore the wonders of nature with like-minded souls.
  • Luxury Retreats we understand that not everyone wants to live off grid and some prefer those extra luxuries.
  • How to Maximize Your Membership:

    1. Engage Actively: Dive into community spaces with kindness. We want to grow this space here, as we are restricted on Facebook and no idea how long our group will last. We don't want to lose touch now that we have found each other.
    2. Invite others to join us. We LOVE growing our Soultriibe family.
    3. Connect Deeply: Build lasting friendships and explore exciting collaborations.
    4. Explore Features: Take advantage of exciting features to make connections easier.
    5. Learn and Grow: Discover new skills and insights from fellow members.
    6. Stay Positive: Infuse joy into every interaction and if you need any help, just let us know.
    7. Report inappropriate activity, topical chat or self promotion: Ensure our space remains harmonious.
  • Join the SoulTriibe: A haven where dreams take flight, creativity blooms, and friendships last a lifetime. Let the journey of connection begin!

  • High Vibe Events: Take part in our  events from lunch and breakfast clubs, business networking, parties and more.  These events are not only a great platform to interact with like-minded individuals but also much needed escapism from the outside world, filling you with positivity and enthusiasm.